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How could composite veneers in Liverpool transform your smile?

We know first-hand the difference that composite veneers in Liverpool make to our patients’ smiles. If you are concerned with the appearance of your teeth and are looking for an effective solution, you’ve come to the right place - here’s everything you need to know about this game-changing treatment.

What are composite veneers?

You might have heard about composite bonding, but what about composite veneers? Both treatments use thin layers of a colour-matched, putty-like resin material to change the shape and colour of your teeth.

What’s the difference between composite tooth bonding and veneers?

Whilst composite tooth bonding is designed to fix minor imperfections on the edges of your teeth, veneers cover the entire surface of your teeth.

Which dental imperfections can veneers fix?

We’re proud to offer composite veneers in Liverpool because it’s such a versatile treatment! If you’re sick of looking in the mirror and worrying about chipped, discoloured, uneven, damaged, worn or misshapen teeth, composite veneers could be the perfect treatment for you.

What makes composite veneers in Liverpool so popular?

The benefits of this popular treatment speak for themselves. Composite veneers in Liverpool are low-cost, non-invasive, long-lasting way of repairing dental imperfections.

In fact, composite veneers in Liverpool are one of the most cost-effective ways to restore the entire surface of one tooth or multiple teeth.

They take much less time than alternatives like porcelain veneers, as the tooth-shaped resin is colour-matched to your teeth and made while you wait.

Forget multiple visits to the dentist for treatment - your composite veneers will be finished in one short visit, meaning you spend less time in the chair and more time enjoying your perfect new smile!

Minimal preparation is required with composite veneers - we can often place them without needing to use a single drill or administer any injections. They’re less of a daunting option for patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist.

What do veneers cost in Liverpool?

If you’re thinking of proceeding with treatment, you’ll be wondering, ‘what do veneers cost in Liverpool?’ - at Kamran Rasul Aesthetic and Cosmetic dentistry, we’re committed to offering you the best-quality and most reasonably priced treatment.

Our composite veneers only cost £330 per tooth, making this treatment a cost-effective way to restore your smile.

Can anyone get composite veneers?

Our Practice Owner and his team have years of experience transforming patients’ smiles with tooth bonding and composite veneers.

Kamran’s ethos is ‘keeping a healthy happy mouth’ - as such, we will only perform composite bonding on patients who have healthy teeth.

If you require treatment for tooth decay or gum disease, we may need to address this before proceeding with your composite veneers.

Where can I get composite veneers in Liverpool?

At Kamran Rasul Aesthetic and Cosmetic dentistry, composite veneers are what we do best! You can find our stunning practice in the heart of Liverpool city centre.

Get in touch with a friendly team member to book an appointment!



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